Cave-Rescue Training for DNR’s Search and Rescue Team

From Left to Right: Peter Johnson (EPD) completed Level I, Jamie Aikens (PRHSD) completed Level II, Christine Rose (Volunteer with DNR SAR Team) completed TOFE (Team Operations and Field Exercises), David Gregory (WRD) completed Level II, Will Wagner (PHRSD) completed Level I, John Maddox (EPD and cave team leader) completed TOFE, Brad Ballard (PHSD) completed Level II.

A brand new DNR Search and Rescue Team just finished intensive training in Oregon. The seven DNR staff and volunteers are part of a highly qualified search-and-rescue team that will be able to respond to a variety of wilderness emergencies. They have just completed a cave rescue training module which was sponsored by the National Speleological Society. This cave and high-angle team has representation from WRD, EPD, PRHSD, and a number of specialized volunteers. The DNR Search and Rescue Team is an excellent example of DNR divisions coming together to serve emergency-response needs for Georgia.